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After years of use it may be time to retire your lowering device. That may come as an inconvenience for your company. We are here to help. JC lowering will pick up and dispose of any retired devices at no cost to you. Its our pleasure. 


Lowering devices are prone to breaking from normal ware and tear. Our job is to fix your device as well as to make sure your device functions for long periods of time. It it always best to have a certified technician fix your lowering device. JC Lowering Device is certified and highly trained to repair Frigid Imperial and Master  casket lowering devices. 


In order to maintain as well as ensure the longevity of your lowering device yearly maintenance is required. Just like repairs, it is always best to have a certified technician maintain your lowering device. JC lowering  is certified and highly trained in the maintenance of Frigid Imperial and Master casket lowering devices. 


We understand it way be time for a new casket lowering device. JC lowering is an authorized Frigid lowering device retailer. Need a new device? Its our pleasure to help. 

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